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Updated: Jan 14

I AM the Bitcoin Doctor

Picking Masternodes is a Black Art and profitability comes from cash management and using Stable Coins to protect gains from the market.

I have learned a lot about Crypto Investing since the last Bull Run in 2017 and I have a lot of new tricks.

I am focused on regular cash flow and not losing money, even if we aren't making a lot of money. You should have "Safe" investments producing small returns at all times .... between Bull Runs. Celsius is SOLID (

I've learned the following ... Never lose more that a set TARGET on any masternode. Pull out profits and convert to a stable coin, if those TARGETS are reached. Keep your investing powder dry in stable coins ... not BTC ... before / between / after investments.

Unless the Bull Run is raging, It's silly to think we are investing in any denomination but US DOLLARS ...  That's how we want to count the winnings and losses. That's what we need to pay bills and invest in the future ... for now. There are more ways to invest in Masternodes now and it's like Stocks vs Index funds. INDX Capital. CURRENT MASTERNODE CANDIDATES

Here are some candidates for solid returns THIS WEEK, but that's going to change week-to-week and we are going to DUMP the DOGS when they disappoint us below a predetermined TARGET.

With a $1000 or less investment ... that's tough but doable ... what I care about now is DAILY VOLUME of trading so OPM is on the table ... Other People's Money Some of these are so cheap we can do 5, 6, 7, or 10 for under a total $1000 investment ... then their returns look a lot better.

With this one ... .... and $971.36 investment You should be able to make $2200 a week by opening 8 positions. It's got 5 BTC of volume a day and most people are buying not selling. I would work to milk them until I could open position 9, 10,  11, 12, 13 and build like that until the bottom fell out ... and switch our STABLE COIN stash to another one.

With this one ... ... and $858.90 investment You should be able to make $540 a week by opening 6 positions. The volume is 8 BTC a day ... That's very good. With this one ... ... and $984.60 investment You should be able to make $265.10 a week by opening 5 positions. The volume is 0.1 BTC a day ... a little low. These do NOT meet the $1000 max investment. This is just the best of the best out there based on VOLUME, ROI and MAYBE getting in an getting out with a profit ... I'm looking at a high return so that everyday we can decide to FISH or CUT BAIT.

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