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Investing in Penny Cryptocurrencies

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

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I recently bought 20,000 Forcecoin (, ) cryptocurrency coins.

I believe my potential appreciation in a short amount of time, measured in days and months, not years, could be at a level that sounds like a “too good to be true” story. It took me about 1/2 hour to evaluate them and make the decision.

This article is about why I did it, how I did it and why I believe the strategy I used could be one of the most effective trading strategies ever created, only made possible because of the advent of cryptocurrencies.

What was my inspiration?

To put it simply, they are a recently launched, minimally well organized, Masternode coin.

What is a Masternode coin? Keep reading.

When purchasing any asset for appreciation, you have to have a solid strategy ... or insider information if you want to make big money with the least risk.

The former is required, the latter is illegal ... in regulated markets like the stock market.

Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading where she had information that she traded on that was not to be used for that purpose, by law.

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, at least currently, there are NO such rules or laws.

There is a solid fool-proof strategy, that if you execute it with only baseball level success, that is batting 300, you will reap a fortune.

And if you bat better than .300 you could be looking at legendary life changing returns.

Most fans of the game will recall that a hitter that consistently steps up to the plate and makes a hit 3 out of 10 times will likely be considered a HALL OF FAME hitter.

That's right, in Baseball, if you strike out or get thrown out 7 out of 10 times, you could STILL be considered a HALL OF FAME hitter.

Well in the world of cryptocurrencies, most people have heard of MINERS, these are the people and organizations that run the computers that power the network and they are rewarded with newly minted coins.

As a matter of fact, for most cryptocurrencies, the only way new coins come into existence is through MINING.

But, there are many services that more modern cryptocurrency want to provide in a decentralized way than just coin generation and so in 2014 the precursor of DASH ( was born as Darkcoin.

The original key inspiration was that the miners would be required to share the coin minting reward with another class of network service providers called "Masternodes".

These computers would provide services such as INSTANTSEND and PRIVATESEND addressing the two biggest complaints about Bitcoin, Speed and Privacy.

Darkcoin which ultimately became DASH shares the mining reward as follows:

45% goes to the Miners

45% goes to the Masternodes

10% goes to the "Treasury"

The Miners engage in what is now referred to as Proof-of-Work (PoW) for their rewards, Masternodes engage in Proof-of-Service (PoSer) for their rewards and the Treasury is used to further the aims of the DASH community and pay salaries.

I believe DASH will be THE leading payment solution of the future among cryptocurrencies, largely because of the organization and resources they can bring to bear.

Here's the strategy that seems to have the potential for enormous out-sized gains.

There are many new Masternode coins that are coming into the market every month, week and sometimes it seems, everyday, some good, and some not so good.

But they all share one thing in common, they lock up coins and encourgage coin buying and hording, because the only way to establish a Masternode is to have a certain amount of the coin in your wallet in a kind of escrow.

With DASH, you have to commit 1000 DASH coin to become a masternode. Currently that's worth about $700,000 Dollars.

But, these new Masternodes are selling for pennies and often it's less than $5000 to get started, and in some cases less than $500.

I'm not saying these are quality investments, for the long term or that you might want to get a Masternode for all of them.

Some I would recommend, as quality projects where the Masternodes will throw off income for many years to come, but in the case of the others, this is only for appreciate and profit.

This is one of the most amazing and brilliant PUMP scheme scenarios in history.

Buying an asset at sometimes one ten thousandth or one hundred thousandth of a bitcoin and then holding while others buy them, at a great price, and then "lock" them in a Masternode has got to be one of the great historical opportunities in the history of trading.

By looking and studying the newest coins that have a Masternode component you should be able to regularly, consistently, identify, demonstrably undervalued assets, relative to a future price with a very high batting average of being correct.

It's doesn't take many large wins to erase a lot of duds ... Back to the Baseball analogy, if you only succeed three out of 10 times ... your returns will far, far outweigh your losses.

You heard it here first. Only buy Penny Cryptocurrencies that have a Masternode component to their architecture, because that nearly guarantees that there will be a stampede of interest and buying behind you.

Find out more about Masternode coins at (

If you are interested in owning some Masternodes for longer term passive income, contact us here ( )

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