Free Website Review

We make sure, Google can find you when your customers ask for what your do !

We will visit your website and what, you might ask, are we looking for?


We will look at the number of the pages of the website, and, if possible, sign up for a free membership or trial demonstration to understand the functionality of the site. Does the site live up to what the designer says the website can do? Try to learn about the purpose of the site and if those functions can be completed with the current design of the site. This will allow us to make a fair review.

We will think of ways to make the site better. If we can't think of anything, then maybe the site has reached its full potential, as designed. We will determine if, in our opinion, the site is user-friendly or requires technical knowledge in order to use the site. We will report our suggestions while focusing on what the site does and how easy or hard it is on the user.

We will try to find potential problems with the site, if any. We will try not to be overly critical, but challenge the usability and functionality of the site. These criticisms are what make websites better and allow websites to solve the problems or communicate the information for which they were designed.

We will do our best to get you the website owner, a brief, factual overview of what the website can and cannot do without too much technical detail. If problems come up when we are testing the site, we will address them in our review.


We will never assume that because we had an issue with something on the website that everyone will. We will include a comparison with websites from a select number that you consider your competitors.


If you want a great website you have to view your website in the context of what is out there that you are competing with. Then you will know what you have to do to put your business in a position to succeed.


That's what we are here for.