Alaskan Fisherman​

Uniquely individual and Private. Our first client is a fisherman from Kodiak, AL. We won't disclose his name, but his impact can never be forgotten. In early November 2017, we started management and operations work on Masternodes for this client and it got better and better. As the great cryptocurrency bull run of late 2017 unfolded we regularly had to question how our success was possible and would it last. The crash of cryptocurrency, expected but still painful, in mid-January 2018 paused our wild profits, but proved that the basic model was sound. Masternode Consulting would be an ongoing concern.

Manhattan Ad Exec

Cautious, Experienced. Our next client was sophisticated and skeptical, but the first Masternode installation went smoothly. With a definite plan, we expanded eventually into 6 Masternodes and they continued to perform until early February 2018. A good run. Better than could be expected in any other venture imaginable.

First two, then three, then five, then six. We want every client to feel, we've done our best to guide them through what can only be described as the new Wild West of Crypto-Finance.


Lots and lots of pitfalls and amazing opportunity all rolled into one.


New clients can be sure that we are up late nights wondering if there is any better way, and ready to recommend it if we find it.

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